Friday, 17 February 2012

Ready, Steady, Grow! Competition

To raise funds for some new raised beds on the new site, we have decided to approach local businesses to 'sponsor a bed'.

On the bed they kindly sponsor, will be a plaque with their company logo, but more importantly, they will get entry to our Ready, Steady, Grow competition- the resident who is lucky to get the box they sponsor will then grow food in it, and at harvest time, we will be inviting a representative from the business down to the garden to join us and compete with the other businesses in a harvest festival cook off, using the food grown in the raised bed!

The competition will be judged by Dianne Abbott and hopefully covered by the local paper... what a great way to meet locals and other local businesses, gain publicity for the business and at the same time give something back to the local community.

Watch this space for how we are moving forward with our idea!!

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