Sunday 23 September 2012

Harvest Festival

Beautiful vegetables. Our contribution to the harvest fest. Read about it below.

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Chef Martin Kroon does a demo for us. Guy Watson from Riverford Organics and Sarah Green talk to us about organic farming.

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Pics from The Duke harvest festival

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Harvest festival @ The Duke

Swap your veg for beer?! Yes please.
Sarah and I decided it was time to harvest our spinach and cavelo nero before the frosts start, but we were concerned what we would do with it all. After selling some to friends, I happened upon a poster for a veg swap day at The lovely organic pub, Duke of Cambridge in Islington, with the produce also going to local charity Shelter from the Storm, who feed and house homeless people completely through a volunteer system. Riverford Farm
donated as well as Sarah Green organics, what a great day, thank you Geetie and Dominic from the pub. We hope to be involved next year.

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Monday 17 September 2012

Wild London green space walk

What a lovely Saturday to do a walk around Stoke Newington visiting each others green spaces. We even pitched in and helped where we could!

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Saturday 1 September 2012

Artists in residence

As part of Fransisco's youth project a group of our young folk from the estate have been applying their talents to the garden walls. They started on their designs in back in rainy June and this week between rain showers managed to get paint to panel and created some beautiful murals to brighten up the garden. What talent and enthusiasm!