Friday, 17 February 2012

Moving forward...

Since being granted some space on Kings Crescent estate 3 years ago, we have had two successful growing seasons and have successfully implemented the plans we outlined in our original proposal, by growing the number of people involved, improving the space (building raised beds, getting a bbq, picnic table) and making it more functional (designing and using a compost system) We have also been quite successful in bringing the members together as a group by having regular meetings and garden days to ensure the upkeep of the space. We are constantly trying to find ways of improving and growing the garden.

Now, we have been given some new space on the other side of the estae to extend the garden! It will be utilised by the residents that live on that side, making it far more accessible, leaving the current space to be used by the residents who live closest to it.

We will build a number of raised beds, which would be allocated out for members to have as a personal growing space, or can be shared. 

We would also like to have some communal areas, such as a herb garden, berry patch and a small orchard, and grow a small hedge to encourage wildlife into the garden.

In addition the practicalities above, looking at the bigger picture, what we want to achieve more unity within the residents of the estate, culturally and cross generationally, to give them a space where culture and age does not matter, to not only grow things, but to make friends and bring people together in the universal language of growing food.

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