Monday, 6 February 2012

Getting Started

Our garden kicked off in 2009 when Jill introduced Kelly and Sarah, who were both keen to start a garden on the estate. With advice from Bob, the tennants advisor, we identified a suitable site on the estate. Staff from Hackney Homes arranged for their contractors to install a gate and a shed. 

To get our garden going we decided to follow a method used in a Groundworks project in Shoreditch which was to create temporary growing plots by filling large builders’ bags with compost and topsoil. We purchased 40 bags from an on-line builders’ supplier, and scavenged several more from a building site. 4 Tonnes of compost were purchased from the North London Recycling facility, which was mixed with topsoil found through the Freecycle on-line network and from a nearby house undergoing renovation. We installed two water butts to collect runoff from the shed roof. The summer of 2009 was our first growing season. The total cost of the garden set up in the first year, including tools, was less than £600, funded by the TRA.

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