Monday, 7 May 2012

Grow to sell

A couple of weeks ago Sarah attended a Capital Growth workshop in Clapham on growing to sell. The workshop focussed on increasing production of leafy vegetables that are easy to grow and are in demand. Different models of selling food were also introduced, from holding a stall outside the garden to becoming a regular supplier to a restaurant.

As part of the training course we were provided with a basic equipment to get started on a more commercial production system and in a few weeks a tray of seedlings will arrive ready to be planted out. We are hoping to use one of our beds to try our hand at commercial production, to raise some money for our garden, and to supply local food to our wider community. Watch this space!


  1. Have you talked to Growing Communities about buying your veg?

  2. Thanks Bernice. That's a great suggestion. We'll definitely have a chat to Growing Communities, though we aren't strictly organic so may not be able to supply them directly. There are a couple of other growing spaces supplying them in our neighbourhood, so we will keep in touch.