Friday, 16 March 2012

The Very Big Dig!

How much hard work and community spirit can you cram into one small corner of London on a chilly Friday in March? Just ask our volunteers from Lakehouse, City and Guilds, and Kings Crescent Estate. We had around 40 people working all day building raised beds, moving compost, mowing, moving compost, tidying up, moving compost, making food... and moving compost. Our tireless volunteers moved 5 tonnes of top soil and around 12 tonnes of compost. That is SEVENTEEN TONNES of shovelling and barrowing. An amazing feat. At the end of the day we now have 16 new raised beds, two tidy sites, a list of volunteers ready to garden for the year, many weary muscles and warm hearts.

From all of us at Kings Crescent a very heart felt thank-you to everyone from Lakehouse, City and Guilds, London Wildlife Trust and of course Capital Growth. We were so impressed with your work ethic and community spirit. With dozens of people shovelling compost all day, this really was a very Big Dig.

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